MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker

Remember when, I caught your eye
you gave me rainbows, and butterflies
we did enjoy, our happiness
when our love was over, I was such a mess

I smiled at you, and you smiled back
that's when I knew, there's no turning back
you said you loved me, and I did too
now though it's over, I still love you

you're in my mind
you're in my heart
I wish I knew, right from the start
all my friends said you break my heart
A heartbreaker, right from the start

I tried to fight it
I tried so hard
and every day
I pray to god
that you and me, were meant to be
but you had another
you had a lover

And now is gone
I don't know why
I feel like crying
just want to die
I can't look at you
and you know why
no, I tried so hard
to catch your eye



  1. bes jgak lagu nieh..huhu..xpenah dgar sblom ni....baru jer carik kat utube td..haha layannnnn!

  2. huhuhuhuhuhuhu.kn2.eventho lirik die mcm sedih sikit.