2010 has passed.may i learn from the past so that 2011 would continue to rock my world.


to have a shitty day.a shitty day i had.

0845 : late for class.rushing to class.

0910 : class cancel.lecturer's sick.

1115 : mom called.uncle had a heart attack.in emergency room.

1412 : went to lab class.lec dont wanna teach bcoz theres only 3 ppl.

1430 : went to selayang hospital to visit my uncle.word is hes barely stable.skipped 4pm class.

1530 : arrived at hospital.mom missing.cant find uncle's ward.

1600 : phone ran out of battery right after mom send me my cousin's no.

1630 : decided to go back to kajang since the helpdesk is useless.

1700 : took a wrong turn.end up taking the loooooooooooooooooooooooong way back.

1800 : MRR2>North South Highway>SKVE>LDP>Kajang.

now thats what i call a shitty day.hope nothing else happens.ive had enuff of today.the end.