ahahaha.ak mmg pemalas.nk wat cmne.

senin ak habih cuti arini baru nk update blog.
tido kat umah x wat pape.
tergolek2 dpn tv ak rase kalah kucing gemok kat umah ak tu.


bijak2,api memang turun kebawah.

Lokasi : kedai makan AC
Situasi : dua rakan gua dtg melawat.Mr.Ace & Mr.Luffy.lepas tu Mr.Ace bwk kuar rokok softpack.

Mr.Luffy : "xyah bakar2,ko koyak je."
Mr.Ace : "ak nk buat mcm ni haa."
(sambil menunjuk rokok Marlboro softpack kepunyaan orang...yg elok muncung softpack je yg terbukak...bkn koyak semua...)
Mr.S : (sambil melihat Mr.Ace nyala2 lighter nk bkr muncung softpack...sbb die pgg lighter kat atas...softpack kat bwh...pastu jari die terbakar...).
"bijak2,api memang turun kebawah."


Life Is A Journey

life is a journey,
one you can never go back,
though sometimes it is quite funny,
i wish i could put a cheat,a hack.

a fast forward button definitely,
as i am sure anyone would agree.
a mute button would always comes in handy,
as the silence always calms me.

they say in life you walk on a path,
would it be a path in the forest or a walk in the park?
when i turn my head looking back at the footpath,
wondering if i should left a print,a hint, some kind of a mark.

a never ending path it seems,
i always wonder what is at the end,
perhaps a paradise just like in my dreams,
who am i kidding,paradise would be a godsend.

as these frail feet tries its best,
with each step taken claiming its fee,
may i ask of you a simple request,
will you walk with me?





fight or flight?

fellas fellas if your in a place way up high, 
please remember while you stay awhile,
of the enemy waiting for his prey, 
let's all fight him if we may,
they came creeping...up from the shadows,
staring at you from your windows,

as we all try with our might,
do we fly or do we fight?
against a tide that might soon come,
heck..someone even tripped the alarm,
pickup ur weapons and lose ur fears,
we'll end the day with joy and cheers.


Yeah~!dh hbs finals!Wooooohooooooooo~!!!

dgn ini bermulalah sesi bergembira dgn menggantikn waktu2 x dpt tido stok stadi pnye psl.


satu hari ku berkata pada bintang.

"oh bintang nun disana,
berkelip bercahaya,
penyeri cakerawala,
bertahun lamanya,
ku dipagari mereka."

- bulan -
- dimuntahkan oleh si pemalas -