As the freak speak #4

a shadow comes beckoning
i started following.

at the edge of the wood.
where a figure, an actress stood.
gathered all my courage, and all my manhood.
i said to her "for you, i would".

the actress smiled.
a smile that made me feel like a child.
for this actress was my true tutor.
of a world with such beauty such splendor.

a dreamer and a traveler both were my character.
but never once had i been an actor.
a child that i was, it was all true, all pure.
true, you were 'mi amore'.

however, not long after.
came a time when it really matter.
those tiny cracks just gets wider.
after all who am i, but just a dreamer.

words were spoken.
hearts were broken.
sky, grey and blotted.
colours, dull and faded.

then came a time i swear i would pay.
just for another bright sunny day.
how to myself i had lied.
about all these feelings that i tried to hide.

day and night i was haunted.
bleeding that nvr stop, nvr ended.
as i shouldered all the burden, all the load.
travelling on this dark and lonesome road.

my body felt extremely heavy.
as i marched on wearily.
hoping that by the time i reach the end.
there would that someone, that 'bestest bestfriend'.

- vomitted by si pemalas -

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