Life Is A Journey

life is a journey,
one you can never go back,
though sometimes it is quite funny,
i wish i could put a cheat,a hack.

a fast forward button definitely,
as i am sure anyone would agree.
a mute button would always comes in handy,
as the silence always calms me.

they say in life you walk on a path,
would it be a path in the forest or a walk in the park?
when i turn my head looking back at the footpath,
wondering if i should left a print,a hint, some kind of a mark.

a never ending path it seems,
i always wonder what is at the end,
perhaps a paradise just like in my dreams,
who am i kidding,paradise would be a godsend.

as these frail feet tries its best,
with each step taken claiming its fee,
may i ask of you a simple request,
will you walk with me?

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