As the freak speak #5

across the emptiness.
everything seemed futile, aimless.
on top of a cliff not so tall.
i sat on the edge, leaned on the cold wall.

amazing view as it was.
amazing how time seemed to be on pause.
i shed a tear, said my goodbye.
as i know its just another trick of the eye.

there's moments that i've felt so hollow.
wasting this life and this body i borrow.
surrounded by people but yet still an outcast.
reminiscing all night,these memories from the past.

what would it feel to just stood and watch.
to see all the drama, maybe take it another notch.
as life and death repeat its cycle.
we humans are helpless, caught in the middle.

standing tall yet so powerless.
as we all forced ourselves to fight the pressing darkness.
to pit our strength and will.
to get to the other side of the hill.

the brave warrior shone with greatness.
after defeating countless enemies, he seemed demonic, bloodthirsty, fearless.
but against reality he falter, and could not withstand.
as he crumbled to dust and sand.

- vomitted by si pemalas -

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