As the freak speak #3

trouble came with a knock.
and now we're both caught in this deadlock.
as we all try to beat the clock.
beating the 'tick' but not the 'tock'.

but i guess somethings are just meant to be.
and theres nothing u can do about it actually.
as mother nature has already outlined.
how time cant be rewind.

i wish the time that goes by.
could be seen as it flies by.
though sadly with every single sigh.
it passes like the pale clouds in the sky.

- vomitted by si pemalas -


  1. sekalipun kalau ada masa yang boleh diputar kembali,tentu saja tidak sama kondisinya.

  2. suka dengan font nih..arial right?

  3. mungkin sama mungkin tidak.who knows.tuhan je yg tahu.

    ermmm.rase2nye impact.