As the freak speak #1

as it is as the story before.
this is what happens when the freak can soar.
by the sandy beach, the beautiful shore.
taking flight yet through another door.

a story when the freak can speak.
a story  only i can tweak.
a story which i would like to mention.
a story which starts with a question.

a question which was uttered
a question which had lingered.
a question so faint,almost unheard.
a question left hanging, unanswered.
a question i whispered.
a question you wondered.

soon, an answer was given.
although in time the sky may seem to brighten.
but somehow in that particular moment.
a moment when sometimes time feels like just a fragment.

a fragment.the one that could make a difference.
a fragment.stinging with its silence.
a fragment.as words flow sentence by sentence.
a fragment.where it all hang in balance.

a moment where your heart skip a beat.
for alone i am incomplete.
hoping someday we could meet.
for someone to make my world taste so sweet.

- vomitted by si pemalas -

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