a story of old.part TWO

a story , that when it was new.
so pure , like a mountain dew.
a story , unknown but only to a few.
a story , only we knew.

a story from me , you shall hear.
a story of my life , and the things i fear.
a story however true , it might seem to appear.
a story that only i , am able to steer.

" i fear the 'Tomorrow' , for what it may bring.
i fear the 'Yesterday'  , for what is unfortunately coming.
i fear the 'Future' , for that it is never ending.
i fear the 'People' , for what they might be thinking.
i fear the 'Death' , for i feel the darkness pressing.
i fear the 'God' , for who knows how many sins ive been comitting.
i fear the 'Prophet' , for  how all that he is loving.
i fear the 'Prophecies' , for how they all have their forthcoming.
i fear the 'Persona' , for what he's been typing.
i fear the 'Me' , for  the troubles i have been brewing.
i fear the 'Time' , for what with all the ageing.
i fear the 'Continuity' , for that logically there is no reversing.
i fear the 'Life' , for what in mine i have been betting.
i fear the 'Personality' , for what it seemed that i have been lacking.
i fear the 'Love' , for how it is beautifully amazing.
i fear the 'Heart' , for how it was sadly missing.
i fear the 'Thought' , for how, alone , i cant keep breathing.
i fear the 'Chance' , for however it will be, to me, the sky never seem to be brightening.
i fear the 'Memory' for how all of it is fading.
i fear the 'Space' for how it is left lying.
i fear the 'Emptyness' for how  i am currently feeling.

so, as you can see.
this story is about me.
about yours truly.
just another nobody.

living my life daily.
just like anybody.
this story that you heard.
is a story of the things i feared.

but bear in mind a fear is not a scare.
for i face my fears, with all i dare.
but i have no power, to forsee.
so i live my life, by just being me.

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- vomitted by si pemalas -


  1. i fear the 'Emptyness' for how im currently feeling.

    i knowwww. grrr ni gile terang punya lightbulb

  2. this is so good to be true !
    naice. =D

  3. @azreena
    mmg.teramat terang.

    thanks.penghargaan anda amat dihargai.

  4. wow. great si pemalas. bagus puisi kau. kau ni kata malas? tapi, rajin update entri baru. malas malas rajin kot.

  5. terima kasih atas penghargaan.
    ntahlah.mgkn ak malas ikot masa mungkin.