ppl say if u love your work, it's no work
if u dont, it becomes a chore and NOBODY likes chores.

u noe what my parents would say if i told them that?
ive told them that quite a few times already.
which afterwards they'll reply as if reading from a textbook.
"u gotta do what u gotta do."

which of course buat i lg tension,
bcoz of the stress it brings and bcoz it's true.
n u push urself just a little more just a tiny bit more.

u keep on pushing cuz u noe,
somewhere in front of u there's the finish line.
n ur gonna cross that line eventually.

but thing is, do u want to cross the finish line,
even if it's not your race?

well,to me, if its not my race,
and theres no other race for me,

ill just quote.
"u gotta do wat u gotta do"

- vomitted by si pemalas -

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